Pop Evil: Versatile Tour

Thursday, August 05
Door: | 6:30pm // Show: | 6:30pm
$25 to $75

Is the bridge between life-affirming hard rock hit-making and the burgeoning new frontier of genre-bending postmodern playlists. A crowd-pleasing band unafraid to embrace the heaviest and most melodic ends of the spectrum, with a seemingly endless stream of No. 1 hits veering between fist-pumping anthems and timeless power ballads. POP EVIL delivers their most ambitious rebirth yet with a jaw-dropping sixth album.

Zero 9:36
A rapper, singer, and musician with an aggressive style and an angry world view, Zero 9:36 rose from a cult figure in the Philadelphia hip-hop community to an alternative artist with a nationwide following by the time he was 22. Under the name Zero, his machine-gun delivery and caustic verses made him a talent to watch with his 2016 mixtape Paradise Campground. By 2019, he’d changed his handle to Zero 9:36 and combined rapping and singing as guitars and electronics took on a bigger place in his arrangements on the 2019 EP You Will Not Be Saved.

Led by singer/guitarist Justin Benlolo, Los Angeles’ BRKN LOVE play a classic strain of riffy, hard-driving rock & roll whose influences range from Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden to more contemporary acts like Royal Blood.
Growing up in Toronto, the music-obsessed Benlolo recognized his calling early. Dropping out of school at 16, he moved to New York with the aim of pursuing his rock & roll dream. After a couple of rough and tumble years writing, practicing, and trying to forge connections, he moved to L.A. where his career prospects began to improve. Using the name BRKN LOVE, he cut a set of demos that piqued the interest of producer Joel Hamilton. Together the two hammered out an album’s worth of songs and, thanks to a full-band showcase gig in New York, BRKN LOVE earned a contract with Spinefarm Records. In advance of the album’s release, they issued their debut single, “Shot Down,” in early 2019.

Pop Evil is an American rock band that was formed in North Muskegon, Michigan in 2001 by Leigh Kakaty. He then added Dave Grahs, Dylan Allison, and Jamie Nummer. Later, guitarist Tony Greve was added as a temporary studio musician for the band but was invited to become a full-time member in early 2007. Around that time, bassist Jamie Nummer left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Matt DiRito, formerly of Archangel and Before the Fire. In 2011 Allison had major neck surgery and Chachi Riot (formerly of "Saraph") filled in.
Zero is a recording artist from the Philadelphia area who got his start in cypher videos areound the city. Most notable the 2015 Urban Celebrity cypher which has passed 500,000 views. His music has gained over 6 Million views and has worked with Tory Lanez, PNB Rock, Futuristic, Huey Mack, Play Picasso, Josh Todd of Buckcherry and more. You can find him on Twitter or Instagram @OfficiallyZero https://open.spotify.com/artist/1V599H9vfq6hWe2hGzyzI0
Amplifiers still blare out of suburban garages everywhere. Guitars, drums, and bass still translate the emotion and energy of a generation better than anything. No matter what prevailing opinion may be, rock music still maintains its foothold just behind the pop culture curtain—as if in the wings waiting to return. BRKN LOVE carry on this tradition, while evolving it. Toronto singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo envisions a fresh future for the genre on the band’s 2019 full-length debut for Spinefarm Records produced by Joel Hamilton [Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights].